Aero 3S T-Rex Three Wheel Motorcycle

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Aero 3S T-Rex Complete Stage 3 AERO

  • Aero 3S T-Rex Three Wheel Motorcycle

  • Aero 3S T-Rex Complete Stage 3 AERO BODY KIT,Campagna T-Rex 

  • Found in G-2 Cycles Aero 3S - SEMA 2008

Concept Sketches Future Mobile Device

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Concept Sketches Future Mobile Device
Concept Sketches Future Mobile Device URSLA is a future pendant that emits 3D projections in the air. BERTHA is a future mobile phone that works with URSLA. 

3D projections from the pendant can be ‘captured’ in the air with this phone to see what the notification is about in detail on the screen. The device shows notifications regarding emails, phone calls, schedule and much more, that will appear in the air for a few seconds. 

As far as BERTHA goes, the futuristic handset works with the 3D pendant and looks like a pretty hot transparent device. This looks like an iPhone from the future, to be honest and a very cool one for that matter, that looks like it’s made from some crystal or sort of glass.