Molecular Transistors

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Molecular Transistors
will make breakthrough in electronics

Nobody can doubt the effort of scientists when it comes to transistors and their importance in modern technological advancements. Over time, transistors have been in the market, designed from singular molecules. 

Electron flow in these transistors has been facilitated by the modulation of energy produced by molecular orbits or orbital. This behavior has greatly influenced the genesis of current and future molecular transistors and other devices. 

Since transistors (integration of circuit elements) work with the electric current flowing within the electrodes (drain and source electrodes), trying to improve voltage put to the 3rd electrode, normally referred to as gate electrode, the manufacture of these transistors takes time, money and energy.

Wearable Electronics

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Wearable Electronics-
Now and Future?

A flexible, skin-like device can acquire electrical signals from the brain and skeletal muscles and potentially transmit the data it collects wire less ly.

It’s a doctor’s dream to be able to monitor patients as they go about their daily lives. That dream could someday become reality, thanks to a breakthrough in wearable electronics. 

A research team led by University of Illinois materials science engineering professor John Rogers; University of California, San Diego, bioengineering professor Todd Coleman; and Northwestern University mechanical engineering professor Yonggang Huang has developed a thin, flexible device mounted with tiny electronic components.

It can acquire electrical signals from the brain and skeletal muscles and potentially transmit the data it collects wirelessly. Best of all, it doesn’t impede the wearer’s ability to function normally.

While traditional medical monitoring methods, such as electroencephalography (EEG) and electrocardiography (EMG), require patients to be tethered to bulky equipment, this device is applied like a temporary tattoo.

Technologies About Full Body Scanners

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Full Body Scanners, 
How do Scanners work?

There is a technology for full body security scanners might become a best alternative to body searches with the increased alleged terror threats over the globe.

The full body scanning system has taken the world in the past recent time. 

It is the most popular and advanced system of the Full body imaging technology that involves scanning of the whole-body through clothing revealing both metallic and non-metallic hidden objects, including weapons or plastic explosives.

3D Printing Technologies

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3D Printing Technologies

3D printing is used to come up with three dimensional objects and is a form of additive manufacturing. It is now easier and more affordable to come up with a prototype using the 3D technology. 

Before these technologies were introduced, it used to take several hours, skilled labor and tools to create a prototype.

Pictures of 3D