New Fashion Cell Phone like Watch

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 Watch Cell Phone—New Fashion Logo

Are your still addicted to gallant assassins in Hollywood movies? Those handsome cool guys always can provoke our sensitive nerves easily, with an all-purposed watch cell phone full of amazing features, communicating, locating, sourcing, exploding, and even killing. When I was young, I was often wondering if only I had one watch cell phone online of that kind. All these wonderings have now transformed into our day. Cell phones, MP3/MP4 players, Bluetooth, wireless internet, FM and more are all in hand at the touch of a button on a wrist watch cell phone. It’s really amazing!


Watch cell phones always carry multi functions such as MP3/MP4 player, Bluetooth and FM, other than cell phone call. In addition, they are outstanding in novel design and good integration of multi functions. Downloading great music, listening to radios and checking your email are also possible with these new gadgets. The most fabulous is the fact that it is attached to your wrist! What could be more fascinating than calling friends and family from your wrist watch?


As an increasingly hot gadget, watch cell phones catches more and more eyes. Wholesale watch cell phone suppliers offer various choice to us. Here are some of the top selling wrist watch phone features, let’s have a first look.


Colorful touch screens: the same as iPods, iPads, and cell phones, watch cell phones also provide touch screen in black, white, grey, and even some other colors. Through these quite small screens, users can access to tools and customized setting as needed easily.


Easy voice recording: Some of the pretty gadgets contain a voice recorder. You can have a record whenever and wherever possible just at the click of a button. Complex tracing work in your cell phone for a voice recorder is avoided.


Convenient USB Charging:  in order to lighten and minimize watch cell phones, waist watch cellular phones do not have a regular battery at the back. They run on energy supported by USB charging. A watch cell phone can be charged overnight or immediately at will by using the same USB cord necessary for computer and other cellular phone devices. Only one USB cord solves everything. You needn’t to worry about your battery, your charger and your cable any more.


Powerful Bluetooth function: At present, Bluetooth is a regular necessity of handsets. some watch cell phones are also equipped with Bluetooth function which enables users to exchange music, voice recordings, or data with friends at a close distance. Thus you can get the information you need easily.


Moreover, along with the technical innovation of cell phones, more and more functions of watch cell phone are developed. Now video camera is added. More new tools will be further employed in this tiny gadget. It absolutely will bring in a new fashion trend to the electronic industry. Now invest in one from cheap wholesale products suppliers to have a popular taste in fresh.