An overview of Hiphone

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An overview of Hiphone—the most powerful China iPhone clone

  As the most powerful China iPhone clone, Hiphone, otherwise known as the CECT132, the C-002, or the HiPhone i32, is introduced to the world in recent years. The Hiphone is becoming available worldwide with a slogan of “99% iPhone”. People can buy a Hiphone online form a wholesale Hiphone supplier easily, especially from a China wholesale products supplier. Some people regard Hiphone as a fake of iPhone, while some others cherish it as a creative product. Does this China iPhone clone is really powerful or just a paper tiger? Today, let’s tell the truth with an overview of features and performance of Hiphone.

1.       Features

On external features, Hiphone is sleek and modern. It looks most like the original of all of the clones available. It's "99.9% iPhone" slogan is really not kidding. It has the silver casing on the back with black on the front. However, without the knock off apple logo on the phone, Hiphone has the name of the model printed on the back of the phone.

 On internal features, Hiphone has all of the features which makes the iPhone popular: Bluetooth, a 3.5 inch finger touch screen, MP3/MP4 players, a 2.0 mega pixel camera, a video recorder, fully functional smart phone capabilities, web browsing with WAP, GPRS, SMS, MMS, and voice mail, and 512 MB of memory with an additional 2GB that can be supported externally, as well as the applications as java based like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Switch sensor etc. Furthermore, the additional function of supporting two SIM cards, the addition of a removable battery and a six surround sound speakers, and the ability to use the phone anywhere with any carrier makes HiPhone very popular.

2.       Performance

On functioning and quality, this phone is very solid. It does not feel cheap in any capacity and it makes very good on its 99% iPhone promise. Of all of the clones available, this one performs as good as or better than any other.

On pricing: This model starts at about $150, but can vary greatly depending on where you get it. Most of the clones are currently around $100. For that low price, as well as the ability to choose your own low cost carrier, the savings on the HiPhone are pretty substantial. If you're not ready to commit to the iPhone, the HiPhone may well be worth a look. From a China wholesale products supplier, you can get it at a much low price.

Generally speaking, Hiphone is quite a high-quality low-price phone with the latest technology available. Users can get any accessories of Hiphone, such as batteries, USB cable, ear phone, charger and the manual from wholesale accessories supplier online easily. With the features of user-friendliness and multifunction, China Hiphone is definitely good and recommendable.