Windows 7 phone review

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The launch of the new windows phone into the present boom has attracted millions of people and I bet 80% people will forget the iphones. There are many turns to say windows phone is the best compared to iphone. The present market compares windows phone with iphone and says windows phone kills iphone in many ways. Lets see those killing features of the world’s favourite windows phone.

This windows phone 7 is a windows CE from the Microsoft OS family. The windows 7 is the successor to the windows mobile platform. The new windows 7 phone is the one using which Microsoft launches an interface which is intergrating the operating system with other services. The windows 7 phone has planned to strictly control the hardware it runs on.
Windows 7 phone is supported by silverlight, Microsoft XNA, adobe flash platforms. The five essential windows 7 phone applications are the rocket riot which is a part of one of the most entertaining games on the Xbox live Arcade. The Rocket Riot is a 2D game is same as worms where you have to manoeuvre around the screen while unloading the spectacular anount of fire power in the direction of your opponents. The speciality here is that you can zip about the screen without waiting for your turn.
The second frantic application is that the you tube. Windows 7 phones have been accessed with many features except the flash support which will be coming soon. But it is the drawback as it will be dry without flash. The internet videos does not play good. Luckily, google has solved much of the problems by giving free applications that will let you browse and search in the you tube archive.

The third application is its facebook and twitter messaging. There is a pretty separate application for social integration which honestly speaking any one does not need it. Twitter has also appeared on every other phone but it looked more and most better on the windows 7 phone. The twitter is provided starting from the jedward’s latest bowel movements to the political scandals. Here comes the Microsoft my phone application. The windows 7 phone has free download for this and installation of this software. The windows 7 phone also has adobe applications.