Comparing Mobile Email and SMS

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Comparing Mobile Email and SMS

If you run or manage a business you will probably have encountered the question of whether to equip your staff with business mobile phones. It's more than likely that the point is moot--so reliant are we upon mobile phone technology that it is no longer a question of if, it is a question of what. As in, which model mobile phone should you choose for staff use? With the advent of smart phone technology, the options are virtually endless, but there are pros and cons to every situation and your workplace will no doubt have specific requirements in terms of capability and usage. You could go with the more basic models and have you staff communicate via text message and phone call, or you could choose a more integrated model with smart phone capabilities and utilise your office email through business mobiles. read on to discover which one is right for you.


The protocol that your office is required to follow will largely determine what is appropriate in terms of communication. For example, blue collar workplaces such as the construction industry are generally less formal in terms of attire, conduct and communication, which means that a simple mobile phone with no email capability will be more than adequate for use among staff, especially when text messages are a convenient way to get short messages across. If you work in a white collar environment, it is not particularly appropriate to send text messages about business matters, just as you are likely expected to wear more professional clothes. In this case, it is probably best to select a model with email capabilities so that your staff can communicate in a way that is appropriate to the company and the subject matter.


Cost is another factor to consider when deciding on which type of mobile to invest in for your staff. Remember that emails can become expensive if you haven't purchased an appropriate plan and that text messages are a cheaper alternative, both in terms of cost per message and because phones that do not support email are often much cheaper. Having said this, the increased productivity of your staff being able to send emails on the go may more than make up for the higher cost of their device.


There are disadvantages to both types of business mobiles that need to be taken into consideration. In terms of mobile phones with email capability, the increased availability of your staff may lead to burnout or reduced productivity if strict protocol isn't adhered to among staff and also management. Respecting the difference between work hours and after work hours is crucial to the success of business mobiles, because otherwise staff will feel overwhelmed and their work and morale will suffer. With text messages, it is all too easy to misconstrue the tone of a message or to not grasp the full meaning, This requires a bit of planning and forethought in terms of communication between staff and management, and an agreed system of codes which are generically understood in the company.