The Latest Technology From Google (Voice Search)

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Google Voice Search, The Latest Technology From Google

Google Voice Search, Latest Technology From Google - 
During this time, Internet users are very familiar with the Google search engine. Just type the keyword or keywords into the box provided, then not long emerged from the search results that best matches the desired context.
But now there is another way to search on Google, 
especially for those users smartpone. 
No need to type, 
but simply speaking into the 
Google engine. 
The machine will 
recognize your voice, 
send it to the
and find a list of relevant Internet addresses. 
Not just websites, 
but also news,
photos, maps, and video. 
phrases and sentences in Bahasa Indonesian was already recognized.

His name is Google Voice Search. For the time being available for Android-based smartphone, the BlackBerry, and iPhone.