Pressing the introduction of Advanced Technology

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 Pressing the introduction of advanced Technology

 Recently, the China General Technology Group Qiqihar Second Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Fudi Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a total contract value of nearly 2 billion tons and 3,200 tons of 2500 closed more than four automatic presses stamping production line buying and selling agreement.


  At present, the most pressing part of the production model is the use of multiple molds to press and multi-vice forming, this process typically beats per minute 4 to 8 parts, less efficient, and homogeneous development of the second 3,200 tons of imported machine tools closed more than four automatic presses stamping production line efficiency and high per minute to produce 25 parts, the efficiency of the former three times in the same tonnage, the largest of its work table, as the world's first, is the world the most versatile, specifications largest high tech multi-station stamping equipment.

    Multi-station press production lines fully reflects today's world development trend of stamping equipment and the highest level, as compared with the other press has an automatic, efficient, composite, high quality and stable parts and many other advantages; the world's leading automobile manufacturers has been widely used multi-station press, the production of large luxury cars of choice stamping the most advanced equipment, automobile production has become a symbol of strength at home and abroad. 

    Multi-station press for its high technology content, technical complexity, high cost, and core technology from Germany, Japan, Komatsu, etc., nearly century-old factory in the hands of a few devices, so the market has been more presses are from abroad monopoly, one of the few in our application.

    Successful introduction of the project, creating a multi-station presses China precedent for the development of the national press equipment, the starting point of a landmark, but also the depth of the development together two heavy machine tool market opening masterpiece. Indicates that China has a large punching equipment design and manufacturing standards among the highest in the world, breaking the international embargo, making China Stamping boarded an internationally competitive high ground.