How to Synchronize Your Mobile phone With Microsoft

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How to Synchronize Your Mobile phone With Microsoft Outlook By way of Google Calendar For No cost
This tutorial really should perform with all phones that assistance Java and at least a GPRS connection (it was tested on Sciphone i68+ and Sciphone Dream G2). With this tutorial, you will learn how to synchronize your Microsoft Outlook calendar with your mobile phone by way of a information or WiFi connection. The programs we use are free and offered for download on our site.

The very first action is to synchronize Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar. To do this, you need to very first download and install on your Personal computer, Google Calendar Sync, an application developed by Shirin Oskooi, the products manager for the software.

Once installed on your Pc, Google Calendar Sync will supply to select the sync frequency and sort:

• Bidirectional, Outlook to GCalendar and GCalendar to Outlook
• From Outlook to GCalendar
• From GCalendar to Outlook

This stage is finished, go to [] and log in with your Gmail account or generate an account for the occasion.
The moment logged in, you need to initial depart the application synchronize the 2 calendars. If the software does not begin automatically, correct-click on the icon of Google Calendar Sync at the bottom of your Computer screen and synchronize manually.

Now you can start your Internet browser on your mobile telephone (we use Opera Mini in GPRS / EDGE or WiFi and connect to [].

Every connection to the calendar requires in GPRS only three to 4 k of information and 2k of info for each extra request. If you use a more recent version of Opera Mini, it will consider number of much more k for each and every connection.